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Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture :

  • à paraître

    Government Consumption in the DINA Framework: Allocation Methods and Consequences for Post-Tax Income Inequality

    RIEDEL Lukas, STICHNOTH Holger, International Tax and Public Finance
  • 2021

    Fiscal and individual rates of return to university education with and without graduation

    PFEIFFER Friedhelm, STICHNOTH Holger, Applied Economics Letters, 28(16), 1432-1435.
  • 2020

    Short-run fertility effects of parental leave benefits: Evidence from a structural model

    STICHNOTH Holger, Empirical Economics, 59(1), 143-168.
  • 2018

    Do retirement savings increase in response to information about retirement and expected pensions

    DOLLS Mathias, DOERRENBERG Philipp, PEICHL Andreas, STICHNOTH Holger, Journal of Public Economics, 158, 168-179.
  • 2016

    Cultural influences on the fertility behaviour of first- and second-generation immigrants in Germany

    STICHNOTH Holger, YETER Mustafa, Journal of Demographic Economics, 82(3), 281-314.
  • 2016

    Life-cycle incidence of family policy measures in Germany: Evidence from a dynamic microsimulation model

    BONIN Holger, REUSS Karsten, STICHNOTH Holger, CESifo Economic Studies, 62(4), 650-671.
  • 2015

    Completed fertility effects of family policy measures: Evidence from a life-cycle model

    ABIRY Raphael, REUSS Karsten, STICHNOTH Holger, Economics Bulletin, 35(3), 1726-1733.
  • 2015

    Fiskalische und individuelle Bildungsrenditen - aktuelle Befunde für Deutschland

    PFEIFFER Friedhelm, STICHNOTH Holger, Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik, 16(4), 393-411.
  • 2014

    Orphans at risk in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence on educational and health outcomes

    CONEUS Katja, MÜHLENWEG Andrea, STICHNOTH Holger, Review of Economics of the Household, 12(4), 641-662.
  • 2013

    Reference standards for income comparisons: Evidence from immigrants’ return visits

    STICHNOTH Holger, Economics Bulletin, 33, 2707-2717.
  • 2013

    Ethnic diversity, public spending, and individual support for the welfare state: A review of the empirical literature

    STICHNOTH Holger, VAN DER STRAETEN Karine, Journal of Economic Surveys, 27, 364-389.
  • 2012

    You can’t be happier than your wife: Happiness gaps and divorce

    GUVEN Cahit, SENIK Claudia, STICHNOTH Holger, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 82, 110-130.
  • 2012

    Effects of age at school entry (ASE) on the development of non-cognitive skills: Evidence from psychometric data

    MÜHLENWEG Andrea, BLOMEYER Dorothea, STICHNOTH Holger, LAUCHT Manfred, Economics of Education Review, 31, 68-76.
  • 2012

    Does immigration weaken natives’ support for the unemployed? Evidence from Germany

    STICHNOTH Holger, Public Choice, 151, 631-654.
  • 2009

    Immigration and natives’ attitudes towards redistribution: Evidence from the European Social Survey

    SENIK Claudia, STICHNOTH Holger, VAN DER STRAETEN Karine, Social Indicators Research, 91, 345-370.

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