Working Paper BETA #2000-10

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Title : The Four Approaches to Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation for Consideration by the MYSTIC Research Consortium

Author(s) : Marc Gaudry

Abstract : In this paper, we say a few words about the context, role and classification of Origin-Destination (O-D) matrix determination procedures, with a view to situating existing research streams within a common framework. We distinguish between O-D matrix derivation approaches and proper O-D matrix estimation streams and provide rough outlines of such approaches, but without seeking a complete or exact account of the methodologies of interest. For the first class, we provide simple examples and explain some pitfalls of simplistic derivations based on an assumed proportionality to intermediate economic activity levels generating demand, or to trip ends. For the second class, we focus on the four « pure » approaches to estimation, denoted here as the Sampling, Programming, Quasi-behavioural and Regression streams (whence SPQR), without seriously considering the ways of combining them.

Key-words : origin-destination matrix, input-output, final and total demands, trip ends, network demand, network

JEL Classification : NA