Working Paper BETA #2002-02

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Title : Strategic Knowledge Sharing in Bayesian Games: Applications

Author(s) : Frédéric KOESSLER

Abstract : This paper studies the properties of endogenous information structures in some classes of Bayesian games in which a first stage of strategic information revelation is added. Sufficient conditions for the existence of perfectly revealing or non-revealing equilibria are characterized. In particular, the existence of a perfectly revealing equilibrium is demonstrated for linear Bayesian games with an ordered information structure. Those games include, for example, Cournot games with incomplete information about the cost or the demand of industry, when firms may face any level of higher-order uncertainty. Several examples and different economic applications are examined to illustrate other results presented in the paper.

Key-words : Strategic information revelation; Bayesian games; Endogenous information structure; Certifiability.

JEL Classification : C72; D82.