Working Paper BETA #2012-02

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Title : University Technology Transfer: How (in-)efficient are French universities?

Author(s) : Claudia Curi, Cinzia Daraio, Patrick Llerena

Abstract : This paper assesses the efficiency of the technology transfer operated by the French university system and its main determinants. The analysis is based on a detailed and original database of 51 TTOs, categorized by type of university, over the period 2003-2007. Overall, we find low-level of efficiency and both intra-category and inter-categories efficiency variation. The analysis of determinants shows that French TTOs efficiency depends extensively on the nature of the category (with universities specialised in science and engineering resulting the most efficient ones), on institutional and environmental characteristics. We found that both the seniority of TTO and size of the university have a positive effect. In terms of environmental variables, the intensity of R&D activity (both private and public) has a positive impact; however, in terms of growth rate, only the Private R&D activity seems to be the main driver. Lastly, having a medical school related to a hospital is a source of inefficiency.

Key-words : Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs), French University System, Technical Efficiency, DEA, Bootstrap.

JEL Classification : C34; C44; D24.