Working Paper BETA #2014-11

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Title : Agricultural extension and technical efficiency of tea production in northeastern Vietnam.

Author(s) : Phu Nguyen-Van, Nguyen To-The

Abstract : This study uses the stochastic production frontier to analyze technical efficiency of tea production in northeastern Vietnam. Our study estimated that the average technical efficiency of tea production is very low, only about 32%. Technical efficiency can be improved by having a training on sale skills whereas it can be negatively a?ected by access to information on tea market. The results indicated that there are a big potential for improving technical efficiency in tea production by using the available inputs and technology. For the purpose of improving efficiency, efforts should be made on agricultural extension (keeping the current form of training on sale skills, modifying the provision of information on tea market). Producers are also recommended to be more careful on the adoption of tea variety for their cultivation.

Key-words : Agriculture extension, technical efficiency, stochastic frontier, translog, tea production

JEL Classification : C21, D24, Q12, Q18.