Working Paper BETA #2015-24

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Title : Building and Using Databases for Cliometric Research on Education and Demography: An Introduction to “HISTAT”.

Author(s) : Claude Diebolt, Gabriele Franzmann, Jürgen Sensch

Abstract : The ‘Data Service for Historical Studies’ (‘Datenservice Historische Studien’) is part of the department ‘Data Archive for the Social Sciences (‘Datenarchiv für Sozialwissenschaften‘, DAS), located at GESIS, a Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences. The study and data inventory of this area are characterized by a very large heterogeneity of the data material collected in the archived studies, which are concerned substantially with aspects of the economic and social history of Germany. An important focus of the historical studies is on historical education statistics. A total of 121046 historical time series on the development of Germany’s educational system are currently on offer – free of charge – via the platform HISTAT (Historical Statistics). The data inventory on historical educational research shall be presented in this article.

Key-words : Cliometrics, Databases, Demography, Education, Germany.

JEL Classification : C8, N3.