Working Paper BETA #2016-02

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Title : Did policy reforms really decrease inequalities of access to French higher education? A comparison between Generation 1998 and 2010.

Author(s) : Magali Jaoul-Grammare

Abstract : Since the 1980s, equal opportunities were at the heart of all educational reforms and the fight against inequalities became the priority whether they are geographical, social or cultural. Starting from this point, the aim of this work is to analyze if the various reforms allowed a democratization of higher studies, especially with regard to prestigious courses. We use a multinomial logistic regression to compare the Cereq database Generation 1998 and 2010. Our results show that in spite of a reduction of some inequalities, access to various areas of higher education and more particularly access to prestigious and selective training courses, remains affected by inequalities, in particular by gender and social inequalities.

Key-words : Access, France, Higher Education, Inequalities.

JEL Classification : C25, I24, I28.