Working Paper BETA #2016-33

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Title : Regional human capital inequality in Europe in the long run, 1850 – 2010

Author(s) : Claude Diebolt, Ralph Hippe

Abstract : Human capital is an important factor for economic and social development, as has been underlined by recent theoretical models. A range of contributions has focused on the international evolution of human capital over the last decades and beyond. However, the regional dimension of human capital in Europe remains insufficiently explored, particularly in a long-run perspective. For this reason, this paper addresses this gap in the literature and highlights the regional evolution of human capital in Europe between 1850 and 2010 by using numeracy, literacy and educational attainment proxies. The results show that intranational inequalities in human capital have always been important and are in a number of cases more important than international differences.

Key-words : Human Capital, Regional Development, Inequality, Europe

JEL Classification : N33, N93, O18