Working Paper BETA #2017-09

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Title : Same but Different? The impact of Research and Technology Organizations versus Universities on firms’ innovation

Author(s) : Giannopoulou Eleni, Barlatier Pierre-Jean, Pénin Julien

Abstract : Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) and universities are important elements of countries’ innovation system. Due to their intermediate position in between science and industry, RTOs and universities are often blended together and considered as the same thing. However, many studies have stressed the differences between the two. In this paper, we compare the impact of RTOs and universities on firms’ innovation type and performance. More specifically, we analyze what kind of innovation firms which work with RTOs versus universities are more likely to develop. Our study is based on statistical analysis of Community Innovation Survey available micro-data (CIS 2012). Our results suggest that firms which work with RTOs versus universities have different innovation outcomes. In particular, we find that companies that deem RTOs as more important sources of knowledge than universities have a higher probability to develop service innovation, have less need to invest in internal R&D but are less likely to be innovative including new to the world innovation. These results have important policy and management implications.

Key-words : Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs), Universities, Service Innovation, University-industry linkages, Open Innovation.

JEL Classification : O31, O32, O33, O34