Working Paper BETA #2018-12

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Title : The informal care provision: what are the genuine incentives of children ?

Author(s) : Marie Blaise

Abstract : Using panel data from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), I examine the incentives underlying care provision including the effects of altruism (1), the exchange motive (2) and the family norms (3) on the informal care decision in an ascendant family model. These estimates suggest that altruism and the exchange motive are the main drivers of the caregiver's decision. Furthermore, the empirical results are in favour of a North-South gradient since the motives driving the care decision differ according to the countries. Finally, the findings confirm well-known results: females are the main caregivers and having siblings relieves the care burden.

Key-words : Informal care, altruism, exchange model, norm transmission.

JEL Classification : D12, D64, I12