Working Paper BETA #2018-14

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Title : The time and the transitions back to work in France after maternity

Author(s) : Bruno Rodrigues, Vincent Vergnat

Abstract : Previous studies have shown that childrearing has a different impact on a mother’s professional career, depending, among other reasons, on how much time passed from birth to returning to work. In this paper, we use a competing risks model to determine which variables may explain time out of work, as well as the transition back to work. In our study, mothers can decide to go back to the same employer, change employer and/or change labour supply. Our results show that it is mostly the age of the mothers at birth, their pre-birth wages, tenure, firm size, activity sector as well as the state of the economy as a whole that play a large role in the way young mothers go back to work, if at all.

Key-words : Maternity Leave, Labour Supply, Competing Risks.

JEL Classification : C14, D10, J13