Working Paper BETA #2020-13

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Title : Do we need to be educated to have Green concerns?

Author(s) : Magali Jaoul-Grammare, Anne Stenger

Abstract : In the Unesco’s report (2014), an essential role is given to education in the preservation of the environment, by improving understanding on environment deterioration or modifying individuals’ behaviors. Indeed, many papers analyzed the importance of education on environmental sensitivity. However, they generally focus on only one environmental concern. The originality of our study is that it takes into account a large range of green concerns. We lead an exploratory analysis in order to try to answer to the following problematic: what are the effects of educational level and socio demographic characteristics on various green concerns? Preliminary results tend to confirm and highlight some relationships between education and environmental concerns. We especially underline that the more educated, the more open to global issues like biodiversity or climate change issues.

Key-words : Education, Environmental concerns, socio demographic characteristics

JEL Classification : C38, I20, Q53, Q54