Working Paper BETA #2020-22

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Title : A note on pollution and infectious diseases

Author(s) : Guillaume MOREL

Abstract : Within the present paper, we build a model from epidemiology and economics to study the impact of infectious diseases on the steady states and dynamic of an exogenous growth model. More precisely, we embed a SIS model within a Ramsey growth model in a close framework with a tax where pollution comes from consumption. Firstly, we show that a consumption tax allocated to a depollution policy possesses an ambiguous effect on consumption and welfare, depending on the disease infectivity factor. Secondly, we point out that an increase in the spread of an infectious disease can’t make a limit cycle (Hopf bifurcation) emerge near the endemic steady state as previous research proved.

Key-words : Hopf bifurcation, Pollution, Ramsey model, SIS model.

JEL Classification : C62, O44, Q5, I1.