Working Paper BETA #2020-52

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Title : Organizing Outside Mobility of the Elderly People in Lorraine Region, France. How to Create and Capture Value.

Author(s) : Stoica Tatiana, Muller Paul, Szostak L. Bérangère

Abstract : The aim of this article is to propose an analysis framework for better identifying the value creation and capture mechanisms in innovation ecosystems. We start our questioning with investigating the literature on ecosystems and what they are, continue then with the one about what value is, what are the difficulties in defining what value creation stands for, and the one on mechanisms for value creation and capture, pointing out to the fact that the majority of literature if focusing on economic value. We exploit our research question in the context of the innovation ecosystem concerning the mobility of elderly people in Lorraine region, France, given the context of ageing population and more and more actors wondering how to satisfy the needs of the respective group of people. We found out that the innovations are of social nature, business model related, and of technological one.

Key-words : value creation, value capture, ecosystems, mobility, elderly people, France, social innovation

JEL Classification : O18, O32, O35