Working Paper BETA #2021-52

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Title : Social incentive factors in interventions promoting sustainable behaviors: A meta-analysis

Author(s) : Phu Nguyen-Van, Anne Stenger, Tuyen Tiet

Abstract : Based on a meta-analysis, this paper highlights the strength and relevance of several social incentive factors concerning pro-environmental behaviors, including social influence, network factors (like network size, network connection and leadership), trust in others, and trust in institutions. Firstly, our results suggest that social influence is necessary for the emergence of pro-environmental behaviors. More specifically, an internal social influence (i.e., motivating people to change their perceptions and attitudes) is essential to promote pro-environmental behaviors. Secondly, network connection encourages pro-environmental behaviors, meaning that the effectiveness of a conservation policy can be improved if connections among individuals are increased. Finally, trust in institutions can dictate individual behaviors to shape policy design and generate desired policy outcomes.

Key-words : Meta-analysis; Network; Pro-environmental behavior; Social influence; Social incentive; Trust.

JEL Classification : D91; Q50.