Working Paper BETA #2023-32

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Title : Gender Inequalities: Progress and Challenges

Author(s) : Romane Frecheville-Faucon, Magali Jaoul-Grammare, Faustine Perrin

Abstract : Gender equality and women’s empowerment are universally recognized as essential for sustainable and prosperous development. This chapter offers a comprehensive overview of gender inequalities prevalent in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, delving into the historical context of such disparities with a particular focus on education. The chapter highlights the strides made through the implementation of legal frameworks and policies. However, despite significant progress, gender inequalities persist, leaving women susceptible to adverse consequences in their daily lives and rendering them more vulnerable to economic shocks. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of gender inequalities and taking active measures to address them, societies could strive towards a more inclusive and egalitarian society and foster sustainable and prosperous developments for all.

Key-words : Gender; Inequality; Policy; Sustainable Development

JEL Classification : B54, I24, J16