Working Paper BETA #2023-36

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Title : Climate change perception, impact and adaptation: Implications for crop insurance

Author(s) : Richard KOENIG, Marielle BRUNETTE

Abstract : Weather-related events represent a main threat for French farmers, and their frequency and intensity are expected to increase due to climate change. In this context, we analyse the link between climate change perception, expected impact of climate change, and potential adaptation strategies that can be implemented to face climate change. For that purpose, we analysed the results of a survey conducted in 2021 on 288 French farmers. On the basis of these data, we created two indexes: a climate change perception index and an index of concern towards the expected impact of climate change. We first present some interesting correlations between adaptation strategies and hazards. We then identify some determinants of climate change perception and the expected impacts of climate change. Finally, we highlight two adaptation paths favoured by farmers. Depending on the characteristics of their farms and their perception of exposure today, some will favour farming adaptation, while others will favour the diversification of their income. We then discuss these results in terms of the existing crop insurance scheme in France.

Key-words : Climate change, Perception, Crop insurance, Adaptation, France.

JEL Classification : G22