Working Paper BETA #9921

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Title : Consumption and Nutrition:Age - Intake Profiles for Czechoslovakia

Author(s) : Ruth Miquel, François Laisney

Abstract : This paper provides non-parametric estimates of the relation between nutrient intake and age for Czechoslovak individuals, as a function of characteristics of both the individual and the household she lives in, on the basis of household purchases. Results show no significant difference between the age - energy intake profiles of men and women. The decomposition of this intake between carbohydrates, lipids (i.e. fats) and proteins shows a lack of balance in the diet in Czechoslovakia, but significant progress toward a more balance diet has taken place over the period. Finally, household characteristics such as the woman’s level of education, or household income, have at most a marginal impact on these profiles.

Key-words : Nutrition, Household Budget Data, Demand Analysis, Penalised Least Squares

JEL Classification : I12, D12, C14