Univ. Lorraine

Campus UL

23-25 rue Baron Louis

Titre de la thèse

  • The Hazards of Psychology in Economics: A Virtue Epistemology Perspective

Direction de thèse

  • FEREY Samuel

Présentation de la thèse

  • The epistemic nature of cognitive vices is still unclear. This is specially alarming when economic policy claims to be based upon their understanding. Notably, behavioral economics, Hayekian currents, and neuroeconomics are presently building up by discussing these kind of policies. This thesis makes front to the missing epistemological discussion. By utilizing the framework of virtue epistemology, I analyze how moldable faculties of perception and character traits, that is, epistemic virtues and vices, reveal the possibilities for individual epistemic development. Therein, the distinction between corrigible and non-corrigible biases sets the prospects and the boundaries of policy action. The changes and developments of the human reason prove to be a critical endogenous variable for policy perspectives.

Thèmes de recherche

  • Histoire de la pensée économique
  • Philosophie économique
  • Épistémologie des vertus
  • Économie comportementale
  • Hayek Studies