Research publications

Green money and finance

06 June 2024

Publication in May 2024 by Deboeck of the 1st edition of the manual “Ecological money and finance”, a reference for economics and finance courses in terms of sustainability, to which … Read more

Book chapter from “Experimentation in the Sciences”

13 May 2024

Herrade Igersheim (CNRS, BETA) and Mathieu Lefebvre (Unistra, BETA) are the authors of the book chapter entitled “Experimentation in Economics” in “Experimentation in the Sciences: Comparative and Long-Term Historical Research on Experimental… Read more

Book: “Management Control and Creativity”

30 October 2023

A new book “Smart Innovation” edited by Wiley/ISTE and written by Sophie Bollinger, associate professor in Management Science at the University of Strasbourg and researcher at BETA: “Management Control… Read more