Internship – BDisposal.jl FEMP project

23 February 2024

The FEMP (Multidimensional Performance Analysis of the Forest Ecosystems: a Micro-economic Approach) project aims to introduce a tool for evaluating the multidimensional (economic-environmental) performance of Forest Ecosystems (FE) using the micro-economic theory of index numbers. A software tool promoting the operationalisation of the theoretical results of the FEMP project will also be proposed. The FEMP software will be an extension of the Julia BDisposal.jl package developed by Abad and Lobianco (2021).

The person recruited will be part of the FEMP project and will focus his or her activities on developing of the software tool. Specifically, the aim of the internship will be to develop a Julia package promoting the applicability of the work carried out in the FEMP project.

Internship project: The person recruited will be involved in the construction of the FEMP software tool, which will make it possible to offer a practical application of the theoretical model to the French forestry sector:

  • Extension of the BDisposal.jl package;
  • Proposal of an ergonomic software tool.

Education: Economics, computing, forestry engineer.

Skills: Excellent knowledge of at least two programming languages commonly used in scientific and common software development procedures (continuous integration, git, unit testing, etc.). Specific knowledge of the Julia language is desirable but not necessary.

Duration: 4 to 6 months

Starting date:  March-April 2024

Monthly allowance: 581,18 € (2023 figures)

Send CV and covering letter to: Arnaud Abad (, Ahmed Barkaoui ( and Antonello Lobianco (