Internship C4CHANGE project Master 2

12 October 2023

ETA is recruiting a trainee as part of the C4CHANGE project, which aims to identify the new knowledge needed for forest planning in the face of major challenges.

The C4CHANGE project aims to identify new knowledge requirements for forest planning in the face of significant challenges. Climate change has prompted a re-evaluation of historically established models of action and stakeholder practices in this field. Consequently, this project aims to introduce an innovative, multidisciplinary scientific inquiry into the emerging research needs and potential solutions for forest planning in the context of these challenges.

Subject: Elicited preferences on forest planning in France Project description

Requirements: fundamental concepts in (environmental) economics; statistical methods and econometrics; environment/forest ecosystems; both French and English skills.

Duration: 6 months, possible start in February 2024.

Application deadline: April 30, 2024. znd