The ITIs


The MAKErS ITI aims to create an international and interdisciplinary center of excellence by bringing together the strengths in social sciences of the University of Strasbourg around European themes. MAKErS thus focuses on the study of the social, political, economic, and legal processes that are shaping European society.

ITI NeuroStra

ITI NeuroStra shapes the research and training programs of the neuroscience teams of Strasbourg around the themes of pain (NeuroPain), time in the functioning of the nervous system (NeuroTime), and neurogenetic and neurodegenerative diseases (NeuroDegen).

ITI HealthTech

ITI HealthTech aims to strengthen the position of the Strasbourg university site as a world leader in the field of the provision of assistance for medical and surgical procedures. To this end it relies on its recognized fields of excellence and is developing axes of research linked to data science and innovation, taking due account of the scientific, socio-economic, and ethical dimensions.