Europe at the heart of our daily lives, Europe as an object of study in economic sciences.

The research of BETA researchers focuses primarily on the role of economic policy at the European Union level, on issues specific to the Eurozone, on questions related to employment and migration, as well as on longer-term issues such as sustainable development, growth, innovation and productivity, and social issues. Thanks to their expertise, BETA researchers specializing in European economic questions are very often called upon by the major European or international institutions, as well as being asked to participate in public debates or to popularize European issues for a non-expert public. But Europe is also a subject of study in other humanities and social sciences, which is why BETA researchers who specialize in European economic issues are also involved in interdisciplinary projects.

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Special Issue of International Economics

The European Economy in the Time of COVID-19: Towards a New Dawn, February 2023

Editors: Amélie Barbier-Gauchard, Samuel Ligonnière, Jamel Saadaoui

“This special issue of International Economics aims at providing some theoretical and empirical perspectives on the European economy from a macroeconomic viewpoint. The contributions have been selected after the fourth international workshop on European Macroeconomics (Strasbourg, France, 3rd December 2021) entitled “The European Economy in the Time of Covid-19: Towards a New Dawn?” organized by the research team in European Macroeconomics of the Bureau of Economic Theory and Applications (BETA, CNRS, INRAE, AgroParisTech) at the University of Strasbourg. Twenty-four papers were selected from forty submissions from sixteen countries and international institutions.”