Forests, Energy, Climate Change

The question of the environment and issues related to climate change are addressed in particular through our research on the economics of forests and the wood industry and on the economics of the energy transition.

Forests and the wood industry: on the strength of nearly 20 years’ experience in the Forestry Economics Laboratory (UMR INRA ENGREF/AgroParisTech 2000-2018) and with a significant foothold in the territory of Lorraine, we tackle issues such as deforestation, the analysis and economic evaluation of ecosystem services provided by natural environments, the conduct of stakeholders faced with public incentives and in the context of risk and change, as well as bio-economic modeling of the sector (FFSM model).

Climate change and the energy transition: we analyze the effects of climate change upon society and the functioning of the economy (growth, agricultural activity, financial risks, etc.), as well as the stances and participation of key players in these changes and in the public policies which accompany the transition policies. The place of renewable energies, and in particular of the wood energy and hydrogen sectors at the heart of this transition, are particularly central to our research.

Focus on...

FFSM (French Forest Sector Model) is a bio-economic model of the French forestry and timber industry. It combines a forestry resources module, developed with researchers who specialize in forest resources, and a timber market module, operating in partial equilibrium and with a recursive dynamic.

Leader: Antonello Lobianco

Associated researchers: Antonello Lobianco, Ahmed Barkaoui, Philippe Delacote

Latest publications

Réussir la transition durable face aux défis mondiaux : mobiliser les capacités dynamiques dans les organisations européennes.

BOLLINGER Sophie, NEUKAM Marion (2024)

Management International (MI)