Ouvrage “Happiness, Technology and Innovation”

31 août 2021

Par Gaël Brulé (Forward College, Université de Neuchâtel) et Francis Munier (BETA, Unistra).

Part of the Springer Briefs in Well-Being and Quality of Life Research book series (BRIEFSWELLBEING)

This book asks what kind of impacts innovations and technology have on subjective well-being and happiness. It presents the state of the art both in terms of results and theoretical questioning on these topics. It proposes a new concept: innovation that leads to greater happiness, and highlights new research in this area. In so doing, it addresses a less researched area in the field of well-being research. The authors state that notwithstanding the indisputable positive contributions of innovation and technology, there are also drawbacks, which need equal attention in research.

This book is of interest to students and researchers of quality of life and well-being, as well as innovation research.