Working Paper BETA #2010-13

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Title : Innovation and Development. The Evidence from Innovation Surveys.

Author(s) : Francesco Bogliacino, Giulio Perani, Mario Pianta, Stefano Supino

Abstract : In this article we investigate the existing evidence on innovation produced by innovation surveys in developing and emerging countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. We review the relevant literature, discuss methodological issues, and analyse the results for the countries with the most comparable surveys, considering the well established findings of innovation surveys for Europe as a benchmark. From the evidence we considered, regional patterns are identified and some stylized facts on innovation and development are proposed, pointing out the specificity of innovation processes in economies engaged in industrialisation and catching-up.

Key-words : Innovation Surveys, Patterns of Innovation, Emerging Countries.

JEL Classification : O14, O19, O3, O54