Working Paper BETA #2014-12

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Title : Are organizational innovation practices complements or substitutes for technological innovation performance?

Author(s) : Caroline Mothe, Uyen T. Nguyen-Thi, Phu Nguyen-Van

Abstract : We empirically investigate the pattern of complementarity between four organizational practices. Firm-level data were drawn from the Community Innovation Survey (CIS) carried out in 2008 in Luxembourg. Supermodularity tests confirm the crucial role of organizational innovation in raising firms’ technological innovation. The pattern of complementarity between organizational practices differs according to the type of innovation, i.e. product or process innovation, but also according to whether the firm is in the first stage of the innovation process (i.e. being innovative or not) or in a later stage (i.e. innovation performance in terms of sales of new products).

Key-words : Complementarity, Organizational innovation, Substitution, Supermodularity, Technological innovation.

JEL Classification : D22, O32