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Soft incentives for softer mobility?

12 March 2024

Article co-écrit par Ankinée Kirakozian, chercheuse associée au BETA (Université de Lorraine), Nabila Arfaoui, enseignante-chercheuse en économie à l’ESDES Lyon Business School de l’Université catholique de Lyon, et Raphaël… Read more

How to deconstruct fake news

08 March 2024

In an article published on 8 March 2024, Yamina Tadjeddine, a professor of economics and researcher at BETA, was interviewed by AFP. Along with other experts, she attempted to… Read more

A new currency to dethrone the dollar?

21 February 2024

Interview with Yamina Tadjeddine-Fourneyron, Professor of Economics at the University of Lorraine and BETA researcher, in Le journal du CNRS on February 19, 2024. “Is the power of the… Read more

The customer’s role in innovation

06 February 2024

Sihem DEKHILI, professor of sustainable marketing at ESSCA School of Management and researcher at the BETA laboratory, will be taking part in the AC:TIONS collective’s… Read more