Specialist Activities

Among the various missions carried out by BETA researchers, expertise activities are certainly those that most directly affect the daily lives of the public: managing the forests that host our Sunday walks, the conservation and transfer of our ultrasound scans, or the child support for divorced parents.

Significant activities of BETA members are developed upstream and downstream of research.

Institutions that request the expertise of the laboratory’s members are many and varied. Examples include research centres such as the Institut national des études démographiques (INED), ministries (agriculture, justice, health, etc.), local authorities such as the Grand Nancy metropolitan area, administrations such as the Caisse nationale d’allocations familiales (CNAF), and national or local consultative bodies such as the Haut conseil de l’âge and the Rhine-Meuse basin committee.

For these institutions, the members of the laboratory are involved on an ad hoc basis for targeted studies, but also as long-term members of scientific councils and steering committees.