Working papers special series “BETA Golden Anniversary”

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of our laboratory, throughout the year 2022, a special series of BETA working papers have been published.

It honors the outstanding contributions of BETA members, past and present, illustrating the diversity of our laboratory but also its scientific influence.

Special Series 2022

26 to 31

Thematic issues “Macroeconomics”

With an introductory note by Sophie Béreau, it includes three Working Papers:

  • Special series 2022-26: “Macroepidemics and unconventional monetary policy: Coupling macroeconomics and epidemiology in a financial DSGE-SIR framework”,  co-written by Verónica Acurio Vásconez, Olivier Damette & David W. Shanafelt
  • Special series 2022-27: On Monopolistic Competition and Involuntary Unemployment, co-written by Claude d’Aspremont, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira & Louis-André Gérard-Varet
  • Special series 2022-28: Biodiversity, infectious diseases and the dilution effectco-written by Stefano Bosi & David Desmarchelier
  • Special series 2022-29: “Imperfect mobility of labor across sectors and fiscal transmission”, co-written by Olivier Cardi, Romain Restout & Peter Claeys
  • Special series 2022-30: “Monetary and fiscal policy interactions with central bank transparency and public investment” co-written by Meixing Dai & Moïse Sidiropoulos
  • Special series 2022-31: “Free entry and business cycles under the influence of animal spirits” co-written by Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira & Frédéric Dufourt

Special Series 2022-25

Special Series 2022

21 to 23

Thematic issues “Cliometrics and History of Economic Thought

With an introductory note by Rémy Guichardaz, it includes three Working Papers:

  • Special series 2022-21: Les Sciences Économiques entre l’Histoire et les Mathématiques : l’Épisode Wilhelmien”,  co-written by Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira & Ragip Ege
  • Special series 2022-22: History of Economic Analysis as Analysis of Historic Economics, written by Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira
  • Special series 2022-23: History of Economic Thought as Text Analysis. Some Methodological Considerations, written by Ragip Ege

Special Series 2022-20

« Who’s Favored by Evaluative Voting? An Experiment Conducted during the 2012 French Presidential Election »

by Antoinette Baujard, Herrade Igersheim, Isabelle Lebon, Frédéric Gravel and Jean-François Laslier, with an introductory note by Samuel Ferey.

Special Series 2022

16 to 19

Dossier thématique n°2 “Economie Expérimentale”

With an introductory note by Kene Boun My, Herrade Igersheim & Sébastien Massoni, it includes four Working Papers:

  • Special series 2022-16: “Global versus local interaction in coordination games: an experimental investigation”,  co-written by Kene Boun My, Marc Willinger & Anthony Ziegelmeyer
  • Special series 2022-17: Trusting behavior in a repeated investment game, co-written by François Cochard, Phu Nguyen Van & Marc Willinger
  • Special series 2022-18: Does resorting to online dispute resolution promote agreements? Experimental evidence co-written by Yannick Gabuthy, Nicolas Jacquemet & Nadège Marchand
  • Special series 2022-19: Attitude towards Risk and Production decision: An Empirical analysis on French private forest owners. Environmental Modeling Assessment, co-written by Marielle Brunette, Jérôme Foncel & Eric Kéré

Special Series 2022-14

Special Series 2022-13

Special Series 2022

7 to 11

Dossier thématique n°1 “Cliométrie”

With an introductory note by Charlotte Le Chapelain, it includes five Working Papers:

  • Special series 2022-7: The debate over grain in the 1750s. A cliometric point of view,  co-written by Jean-Daniel BoyerMagali Jaoul-Grammare & Sylvie Rivot
  • Special series 2022-8: Cliometrics of Climate Change: A Natural Experiment on the Little Ice Age, co-written by Olivier DametteClaude Diebolt, Stephane Goutte & Umberto Triacca
  • Special series 2022-9: Cliometrica after 10 years: definition and principles of cliometric research written by Claude Diebolt
  • Special series 2022-10: Un héritage des Annales, la cliométrie à Strasbourg, co-written by Claude Diebolt & Michel Hau
  • Special series 2022-11: From Stagnation to Sustained Growth: The Role of Female Empowerment co-written by  Claude Diebolt & Faustine Perrin

Special Series 2022-6

Spatial preference heterogeneity in forest recreation

by Jens Abildtrup, Serge Garcia, Søren Bøye Olsen, Anne Stenger, with an introductory note by Jette Bredahl Jacobsen.

Special Series 2022-5

Structure and Involuntary Unemployment

by Jean-Paul Fitoussi and Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, with an introductory note by Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira.

Special Series 2022-4