Collective work: “MAIF, Orchestrating a company with a mission”

25 May 2023

MA-ESKA Editions

The book sets out to reconstruct the transformations brought about by the adoption of a raison d’être associated with social and environmental objectives. While the status of Mission-driven Company, resulting from Article 176 of the PACTE Act (no. 2019-486), requires compliance with conditions laid down by the legislator to ensure its inclusion in a company’s articles of association, its deployment cannot be improvised. This book retraces and analyses the dynamics of this change using a single case study, that of a unique mutual insurance company, MAIF. The eleven chapters detail how the mission is implemented in the various departments, divisions and business lines of the mutual. Each chapter seeks to understand the contribution of the various business lines to the practical implementation of the mission and vice versa, through the influence of the mission on business practices and their impact on society. The book is useful for directors, executives, managers, researchers and students.

Coordinators :  Thibault Cuénoud, Vincent Helfrich et Philippe SCHÄFER

Authors :  Anne Goujon BELGHIT • Simon BICHON • Catherine DEFFAINS-CRAPSKY
Sihem DEKHILI • Florent GIORDANO • Amaury GRIMAND • Jocelyn HUSSER • Marie-Laure LE BERRIGAUD • Gabriel LUCCHINI • Caroline MARIE-JEANNE • Samuel MERCIER • Jean-Jacques PLUCHART • Laurent SIMON

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