2022-2023 ERMEES Seminars

ERMEES seminars generally take place once a month from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. , in the Ehud room at the Faculty of Economics and Management – ​​Campus Unistra,  as well as on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86899220663.

ERMEES Seminar Leader

Amélie Barbier-Gauchard | abarbier@unistra.fr

Date of the seminarSpeaker’s nameMembershipTitle of the research
11/10/2022Free slot
08/11/2022Tobignaré YabréUniversity of Strasbourg, BETA, CNRSDoes interest rate control curb inflation in time of crisis?
06/12/2022Antoine EbelingUniversity of Strasbourg, BETA, CNRSGreen Investments and EU Structural Funds: Local Determinants in France
10/01/2023Preparation Workshop ERMEES 2023.
14/02/2023Jamel SaadaouiUniversity of Strasbourg, BETA, CNRSReal exchange rate and international reserves in the era of financial integration
14/03/2023Sofiene OmriUniversity of Strasbourg, BETA, CNRSFirms’ hiring bottlenecks in EU member states : Ordered probit model Vs. Ordered forest estimator
11/04/2023Emilien VeronUniversity of Strasbourg, BETA, CNRSTo be announced.
09/05/2023Andrea BorsatoUniversity of Strasbourg, BETA, CNRSTo be announced.
06/06/2023Antoine EbelingUniversity of Strasbourg, BETA, CNRSTo be announced.
04/07/2023End of year meal with the BETA Nancy.

See also: http://ermees.fr/