The Ingé+Stat network meets in Nancy

24 May 2024

The INRAE ECOSOCIO department’s 15th Ingé+Stat professional network days were held on 23 and 24 May 2024 in Nancy. Each year, these days provide an opportunity for expert engineers in… Read more

The place of plants in economics

24 May 2024

Conference – Meeting with Samuel Ferey, researcher at BETA and professor at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management of Nancy, organised by the Botanical Garden of Nancy. Free… Read more

Be a student athlete, artist or entrepreneur?

17 May 2024

Thierry Burger-Helmchen, researcher at BETA, professor and deputy vice-president of training provision at the University of Strasbourg, speaks to students about the Special Study Regime (RSE) and the organization… Read more

Ethical fashion webinar: Repair

17 May 2024

Many questions have arisen following the introduction of the ‘Reparation Fund’: have practices changed? What challenges need to be overcome? A webinar entitled : ‘Repair: the issues and challenges involved… Read more

Book chapter from “Experimentation in the Sciences”

13 May 2024

Herrade Igersheim (CNRS, BETA) and Mathieu Lefebvre (Unistra, BETA) are the authors of the book chapter entitled “Experimentation in Economics” in “Experimentation in the Sciences: Comparative and Long-Term Historical Research on Experimental… Read more