Industrial hazards, natural disasters, financial and public health threats

Risk is an integral part of economic life and is constantly changing in response to different dynamics: climate change, population growth, technical progress, innovations, etc. BETA’s research interests focus mainly on the analysis of industrial hazards, natural disasters, financial and public health threats. Ces recherches sont effectuées principalement dans les axes Comportements, Incitations et Développement Durable, Économie du Droit et Macroéconomie et Politiques Publiques. Les outils mobilisés sont ceux de l’économie théorique et empirique : économie expérimentale, économie de l’assurance, économie du droit, théorie des jeux, économétrie, économie du risque et de l’incertain, etc.

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André Schmitt and Sandrine Spaeter have started a research project on “Pandemic and Business Interruption Risk Coverage”.

A pandemic is a catastrophe. Insurers and reinsurers have known, since the end of the 90s, to turn to the financial markets to complete the coverage of catastrophes, especially natural ones, with the help of securitization.

This research program, which began in the fall of 2020, aims to propose an alternative and hybrid system for hedging the risk of business losses due to a pandemic, by combining different hedging instruments.

Schmitt A. et Spaeter S., 2021, « When the Pandemic Business Interruption Risk Becomes Insurable Thanks to Double Triggered Cat Bonds », mimeo BETA, Avril.
Spaeter S., 2021, « How to Reconcile Pandemic Business Interruption Risk With Insurance Coverage », mimeo BETA, Avril.

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Ecological Economics

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The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, DOI:10.1057/s10713-021-00062-7.