BETA members at IUFRO 2024

01 July 2024

The BETA lab was in force at the 26th IUFRO World Congress, from June 24 to 29 2024 in Stockholm.

IUFRO is “a non-profit, non-governmental international network of forest scientists, which promotes global cooperation in forest-related research and enhances the understanding of the ecological, economic and social aspects of forests and trees”.

Among the 4,500 presentations spread over more than 200 sessions, we found:

👉 Oliver Frings: Do individual PES buyers care about additionality and free-riding? A choice experiment

👉 Fanny Claise: Determinants of Forestry Insurance Adoption among Private Forest Owners: A Choice Experiment Approach

👉 Valentin Mathieu: Structure and dynamics of the roundwood trade from a network analysis perspective: Increasing tensions over wood resources

👉 Marielle Brunette: Ambiguity, value of information and forest rotation decision under storm risk: a theoretical model and an experimental test

👉 Sandrine Brèteau-Amores: Coping with tree plantation failure under extreme drought events in France: The role for insurance in the forest owner-forest company relationship