Chair in Economy, Finance, Digital Economy

The Chair in Economics, Finance and the Digital Economy (EFNUM) offers a forum for scientific exchange, popularization, and training on the transformation of the monetary and financial systems brought about by the digital revolution.

The digitalization of the financial world and of society more broadly is re-shaping everyday behaviour, professional practice, the structures of organizations, and public regulations. The ambition of the EFNUM Chair is to participate in the understanding of the mechanisms at work and the evaluation of their socio-economic consequences, so that every person can understand these transformations and master the technologies without either fearing or deifying them.

Understanding the transformations brought about by digitalization is possible only by bringing together the professional worlds concerned (banking and financial institutions, enterprises, associations, local authorities) with the academic disciplines (Economics, Management, Law). The EFNUM Chair is therefore hosted by the MSH Lorraine, a center for human sciences, which since its creation has been promoting the interdisciplinary dialogue that is so essential to understanding the complexity of the digital revolution, while also requiring tolerance and continuity in the social sciences.

The work of the EFNUM Chair revolves around 4 scientific axes:

Chairholder: Yamina Tadjeddine-Fourneyron