Chair in Natural Resources and Local Economy

Faced with major climatic, environmental, economic, and social challenges, territories are strongly solicited to prepare for multiple transitions. The project of the RENEL Chair, launched in January 2021, aims to create a meeting place for university economists, enterprises, local authorities and administrations to examine in greater depth the issues surrounding public policies for natural resource management. The Chair wishes to support training and research projects on these themes by sustaining a reciprocal dialogue between several fields of economics.

Three main axes form the structure of the RENEL Chair:

  • Axis 1: The local conduct of the energy transition
  • Axis 2: The accessibility and quality of resources
  • Axis 3: The involvement of private actors in work for the general interest

The Chair organizes a regular research seminar, conferences, and workshops, and encourages the valuing and promotion of academic work among decision makers.

Chairholder: Alexandre Mayol