Chair on RISK – Risk, Incentives, Society & Knowledge

Understanding and apprehending the risks of tomorrow

Climate change and the emergence of new technologies are sources of transformation, and of new risks, for our societies.

The Fédération Française des Assurances (FFA, 2021) estimates that the cumulative cost of damages related to storms, floods, and droughts will increase from €74.1 billion over the period 1988–2019, to €143 billion over the period 2020–2051. More than a third of this increase would be directly attributable to the effects of climate change.

In addition, the latest IPCC report estimates that global warming is also likely to increase the likelihood of pandemics, with the Covid-19 pandemic expected to cost more than 400 billion Euros for the French economy alone (Ministry of Public Action and Accounts, 2021).

In parallel to climatic phenomena, the improvement of communication and computing technologies is leading to the emergence of new activities which are sources of both opportunities and risks. For example, the emergence of autonomous vehicles, governed by algorithms whose purpose is to relegate the driver to the rank of passive user, leads to a rethinking of the entire regulatory framework governing automobile travel.

The projects supported by the RISK Chair are all aimed at improving understanding of the risks that will shape tomorrow’s world, and at proposing solutions for managing them. To date, four projects are being conducted by the Chair :

Chairholder: Julien Jacob, HDR lecturer in economics