Law, Economics, and Management of Intellectual Property

Since 2013, the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) and the Bureau of Theoretical and Applied Economics (BETA) have engaged in a joint research initiative on intellectual property law and economics. The aim of this initiative is to mobilize research teams in both units to develop joint research into the strategic role of intellectual property and its impact on law given the advent of digital technologies and artificial intelligence.

The objectives of this initiative are threefold. Firstly, to develop research capacity and expertise in intellectual property law and economics at the University of Strasbourg. Secondly, to contribute to international interdisciplinary collaboration in this field. Finally, to offer a unique exchange space for a juridical and economic approach to intellectual property in France and in Europe and to develop a methodology common to both communities for reflection on intellectual property and its implications for innovation.

A key aspect of this interdisciplinary research initiative is to focus as much as possible on empirical evidence. We seek to develop better understanding of the consequences of the particular formulation of intellectual property rules on creative behaviours, by cross-referencing legal analysis with economic methodologies and by systematically collecting empirical data.

The project is supported by the University of Strasbourg Foundation and funded by donations from Air Liquide and Total.