Internship – FEMP Project

23 February 2024

The aim of the FEMP project (Multidimensional Performance Analysis of the Forest Ecosystems: a Micro-economic Approach) is to introduce a tool for evaluating the multidimensional (economic-environmental) performance of Forest Ecosystems (FE) using the micro-economic theory of index numbers.

The person recruited will carry out essentially empirical work. The theoretical work initiated in the FEMP project will be illustrated through an empirical application to French forest ecosystems. The aim of the internship will therefore be to build a database using the Annual Sectoral Surveys (ESA) and environmental indicators from various bodies producing regional statistics.

Tasks of the trainee: The person recruited will be involved in the practical application of the theoretical model to the French forestry sector:

  • Collecting and fine-tuning data in coordination with the statistical services of the Ministry of Agriculture and other bodies;
  • Construction of a database that can be mobilised by the FEMP software tool;
  • Analysis and interpretation of results.

Education: Economics, forestry engineering, environmental management.

Skills: Statistical data processing and management, econometric/statistical methods.

Duration: 4 to 6 months

Starting date: March-April 2024

Monthly allowance: 581,18 € (2023 figures)

Send CV and covering letter to: Arnaud Abad (, Ahmed Barkaoui ( et Alexandra Niedzwiedz (