The Labex


The ambition of the Labex ARBRE (Advanced Research on the Biology of Tree and Forest Ecosystems) is to explore and analyze the functioning of forest ecosystems in the context of global change (climatic, environmental, anthropic, and socio-economic), to propose new avenues for their preservation and to develop new usages of wood for a better valorization of our forests.

Labex Resources 21

The Labex Resources21 promotes structural approaches to the life cycle of strategic metals, geometallurgy, the development of portable tools, and the social, economic, and territorial integration of mining projects. Issues relating to the preservation of biodiversity and the environment are addressed in order to promote the emergence of new mining strategies. The aim is to better understand the geochemical cycle of rare soils, nickel, lithium, and gold, with a particular focus on French Guiana where scientific, environmental, and societal issues are at stake.