Quality approach

OLEF is committed to a quality approach via the INFRA+ Program of the i-Site Lorraine University of Excellence (LUE).

The INFRA+ program aims to develop and connect the Research Infrastructures (RIs) present in Lorraine.

The RIs are supported in setting up a quality approach. The aim is to map skills, identify and secure procedures, and facilitate the monitoring and direction of activities.

In June 2020 OLEF was awarded StAR-LUE* status at the highest level (3 stars)! This label was renewed for 2 years in spring 2022.

* StAR-LUE : Structure d’Appui à la Recherche – Lorraine Université d’Excellence

Please don’t hesitate to consult the following documents:

In order to guarantee the quality of our services and to increase the value of our work, we invite all our users to sign our Charter. 

It specifies the rights and duties of each user, and provides useful information regarding how to cite your collaboration with OLEF.

Consult the Quality Steering and Guidance Committee (DAPEQ) page of the University of Lorraine, which has followed and encouraged OLEF in the implementation of its Quality approach.