Research engineer position at AgroParisTech

07 March 2024

AgroParisTech is recruiting a research engineering manager in economic, human and social sciences (EHSS) applied to forest socio-ecological systems .

Position objectives
– Provide management science skills that will enrich and complement those of BETA economists working in forests, particularly with regard to analyzing the behavior of local players, and more specifically forest owners,

– Provide expertise in forest management and development, both from a macro perspective and on a finer parcel scale,

– Provide a network of silvicultural management professionals in the field (ONF, CNPF, etc.), and access to technical skills essential to BETA’s research work,

– Provide EHSS expertise on the concept of forest socio-ecological systems within the PEPR FORESTT, of which BETA is leading one of the targeted projects.    

The person recruited will also teach for AgroParisTech on the Nancy campus, mainly on forest management and forest planning, for a maximum of 60% of his/her working time. Teaching on forest risk issues may also be considered.  


In terms of research:

– Play the role of intermediary between BETA economic researchers and forestry stakeholders in the field and support them on forestry issues, and more specifically on forest management and development, by facilitating collaboration with the Silva lab.

– Participate in research projects carried out by BETA members (TETRAE PERCEVAL, PEPR FORESTT, etc.).

– Design and carry out research and open innovation projects, in particular by mobilizing other disciplines and field players.

– Contribute to the development of the OLEF (Observatory for the Economy of the Forest) platform by creating new data (whether qualitative or quantitative) or by enhancing existing databases.

In terms of teaching:

– Design and carry out engineering and master’s level courses in forest management and forest planning: the principles of forest management, implementation of a planning document, principles of economic evaluation of silvicultural management proposals, evaluation of silvicultural routes, consideration of risks, etc.

– Supervise and support students during project-based teaching modules.

– Take responsibilities in terms of training: head of EU, UC, etc.

– Actively participate in thinking about the evolution of forestry training and their implementation, internally and with partner establishments

Job vacancy date : 09/01/2024