Health and aging

Economic issues related to health and ageing occupy a major place in our societies, in the context of allocating resources to health systems and rapid demographic change. The work carried out within BETA illuminates these issues, in particular the use of innovation in healthcare and supporting the elderly who are losing their autonomy.

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The “Health Territory of Tomorrow” project (HTT)

Several members of BETA are taking part in the TSD project which aims to make the Eurometropole of Strasbourg, the ComCom of Saverne, the Pays de Hanau and Wissembourg, into territories of innovation and experimentation for new patient pathways (prevention, ambulatory care, etc.).
The project is a laureate of the “Territory of Innovation” AAP (Investing in the Future Programme), which aims to identify, select, and support some twenty regions of national interest, through the key stages of an ambitious and unifying transformation project, according to a clearly defined strategy that takes into account the specific characteristics of the region.

The HTT project has a number of objectives: to empower and equip citizens to take action on the determinants of their health; to deploy services that can be adapted at the regional (and then national) level; to systematize the prevention of certain pathologies through diet, physical activity, environment, working conditions, life rhythms, and the control of one’s health capital; to accelerate technological innovations that favor health with preventive measures according to local needs (real-time access to data, telemedicine, rollout of e-health), and, finally, to set up a regional digital platform to develop innovative services linked to citizens’ uses.

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