The importance of innovation as a driver of economic and environmental performance

25 June 2024

One of the major challenges facing our societies and economies is certainly the environment, and our disciplines – economics and management – must play their part in meeting this challenge. At the very least, these challenges require us to be creative and innovative in all our activities, from consumption patterns to production processes. Here are four publications from the CSI theme that demonstrate, if proof were needed, the importance of innovation as a vector for economic and environmental performance. They illustrate the value of both company data and individual preferences…

These are:

  • “Willingness to accept a wind power plant: a survey study in the South of Italy”, Salvatore Vergine, Maria Del Pino Ramos Sosa, Giuseppe Attanasi, Guglielmo D’Amoco, Patrick Llerena, Energy Policy, forthcoming, 2024
  • The role of innovation portfolio in green innovation decisions : a study of french and italian forms”, Effrosyni Vasileiou, Nikolaos Georgantzis, Giuseppe Attanasi, Patrick Llerena,  Technovation, 130 (2024),
  • “Green innovation and financial performance : a study on Italian firms”, Effrosyni Vasileiou, Nikolaos Georgantzis, Giuseppe Attanasi, Patrick Llerena, Research Policy, Vol. 51, issue 6, July, 2022.

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